Monday, October 7, 2013

The Wormhole Stories

Someone by the name on Nightingale Actault waned my perspective on the wormhole thefts I've done. This person also wanted everything to have dates and such. So here it is.

After I had finished skilling my link alt into t3s, I had it learn orca and then applied to a wormhole corp that was advertising in recruitment channel. The let me in and after some fiddling gave me starbase managment roles. This was because despite giving me hanger access I still couldn't access the ship maintainence array....or that's what I told them.

Once I got roles I went afk. A few hours later I came back, killed one of the people who was also afk in a noctis, then started grabbing everything. Noticing I couldn't quite fly all the ships I started asking for help from the various MoldenHeath pirates, since the lowsec exit was only 10 jumps or so away from them. We then took everything and I stuck around to blow up anything that was anchored such as silos, sma, cha, etc. In total I ended up with around 5b, Titus got 2b, and Sard got around 3b.

Sugars writeup can be found here:

The second wormhole theft was actually far more interesting. I managed to get into a corp who only had the CEO on. After checking my api he let me in and said something along the lines of 'I gave you roles and I'm logging off so you'll be alone for the rest of the night, corp bookmarks should show you th way in.'. So there I am staring at my role as starbase manager with nobody online not 10 seconds after I join the corp.

Really? I don't.....but.....ok whatever lets just go with it. I start screaming at Sugar to get over here and help me as I run to the c2 to get into the c4 where all the loot is supposed to be. 3 orcas, a bunch of tengus, a loki, a large amount of other ships. I immediately take an orca out and have it safe in hisec by the time Sugar gets there.

The second orca gets stuck on the c2 side of the c4/c2 connection because I accidently align back to the hole while staring at the caldari navy invuln on it. Yes it was a faction fit orca. Eventually I do correct this and get it to hisec, and we also grab some of the tengus and the loki. During this I comment how annoying it is to clear out all these ships without more help. Little did I know that Bob, God of Wormholes, was going to answer almost immediately.

As we jumped back into the c4 with our pods a sabre bubble went up. It was the people who were connected through the c2s second static. I told them if they hold Sugar as a hostage I would give them an orca. They trusted me and were thus rewarded with an orca. I ended up giving them one of the tengus as well before telling them to x up and figuring out how to change the pos password. A few button presses later and all the ships were launched into space, fuel was yanked and everyone was grabing everything.

Soon the shields went down, the cha and everything else was blown up by our new friends and just like that, job done. I got another 5 bil or so, sugar got atleast 3, and the third party got a few bil themselves.

Sugars writeup can be found here:

Thus ends the wormhole stories. Next up will be a chronicle of pvp advancement much like the pve advancement I have written about earlier in this blog.

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