Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CCP (finally) Nerf FW

After what seemed like forever CCP finally put the word out that they had a change to the tier system in the works. The change would revert lp store costs to their previous standard and instead give you more lp at higher levels of warzone control. So instead of making 100k+ lp per cycle of missions at t5, you would make 100k+ lp per mission, so over 1 million lp per cycle. However you would only get this volume of lp if you were able to hold t5 to run a cycle of missions.

The members of our little cartel sat down and we had a chat about what to do once the changes were implemented. Obviously it wouldn't be feasable for minmatar to permahold t5 so faction war would be somewhat fixed. This came as a great relief to us since for the entire time FW had been broken we had been grinding it like a second job and there was the whole burnout issue to deal with. Still the change wasn't scheduled for a couple months but we decided it would be smart to start liquidating as much as possible into other assets so nobody was stuck holding stacks of mods that happened from the West and Grey trick.

Plex became the most obvious and easiest answer. It generally appreciates in price over time and even if it doesn't for long periods you can still profit off of plex stockpiles using the character bazaar. With that in mind we bought plex. All the plex, forcing the price to skyrocket up to over 630mil in a matter of hours. This also had the hilarious side benefit of forcing CCP to immediately implement the changes to faction war as well as run constant plex sales for months while releasing a large number of plex on the the market to prevent the price from going any higher.

The problem with FW was that it allowed a small group to make absurd leaps in wealth gain. Our little cartel was making over a trillion isk a week if you added everyones cashouts together. It was a horrible, horrible mistake by CCP to implement the buff like they did in the first place without considering the potential economic impact of the massive wealth consolidation. That being said it was a great isk sink, we were throwing tons of money into the abyss of npc coffers in order to convert the volume of implants and such. The money we were making was taken from people on the market who wanted to buy implants.

Faction War insanity wasn't quite over though, it would just take a few months for things to change.

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